How to Buy 4 Digit Tickets

If you’re looking for a really, really popular game in the Philippines, 4-Digit would be it. This is one of the lotteries in the portfolio of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO), and it differs from other draw-style games in which you have to pick a specific set of numbers from a total range.

Playing 4 Digit and buying tickets for the game is a relatively simple endeavor. The following guide will acquaint you with some of the biggest essentials to learn if you’re going through the process for the very first time.

What Is 4 Digit?

4 Digit from the Philippines is a popular game of luck. The 4 Digit history started when PCSO decided to inaugurate such an opportunity, following the fame of the international format. Similar four-digit games are available in an array of countries. The favorable odds and the control that players have over the size of the bet increase the likelihood of high participation.

Lotteries in the Philippines have been around since 1995 when the very first game was launched. Over the years, the portfolio of PCSO increased with the addition of three digit (3D), four digit (4D), six digit (6D) and the Mega and Super Lotto.

To test their luck, players have to select their four digit combination in the range from 0000 to 9999. To win a prize, players have to match both the numbers and the order. Hence, a player who has chosen a number like 1945 will not win if the drawn number is 1954.

The 4 Digit Lotto drawings take place three times per week – on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. To get the winning 4 digit number, you will have to tune in at 9 p.m. and watch PTV4. The official PCSO website also provides information about the latest drawn numbers.

To win a prize, the players have to place a minimum bet of 12 pesos. If this is the bet and 4 digit number is matched, the player will win 10,000 pesos. A larger bet will contribute to a bigger payout amount.

Ways to Play 4 Digit in the Philippines

You can test your luck in several different ways if you want to play the Philippine 4 Digit game.

The first choice is the standard entry. Determine your four-digit number, mark it on a play slip and pay the respective amount you want to bet. The minimum is 12 pesos per a single 4D combination.

If you don’t have a number that you’d like to try, opt for the Lucky Play (LP) alternative. It enables you to have the four-digit number randomly generated for you by the software that will create your ticket.

4 Digit offers a few options you can test out to increase the odds of winning a prize.

The first one is the PERM. When enabled, PERM allows you to play all possible permutations of the four-digit number you have chosen. The PERM combination is also known as rambol, and you can use it in a few different ways.

If you decide to permutate all four of the numbers, your 4 Digit ticket will cost 288 pesos. It will give 24 different combinations to play. Two different digits and one pair of the same digit costs 144 pesos, and it gives you 12 combinations to play.

Two different pairs of digits of the same digits will result in a PERM ticket that features six combinations. The cost is 72 pesos.

Finally, three different digits and one pair of the same digit result in four combinations, and the cost is 48 pesos.

The next way to play 4 Digit is Roll 1 and Roll 4.

The ticket entry will look something like this in the event of roll 1: R273. In that case, R will be replaced by all digits from zero to nine. Roll increases the odds of winning because a larger set of numerical combinations will be created. Roll 4 is similar, but instead of rolling the first digit, it rolls the last one.

Both Roll 1 and Roll 4 create 10 four-digit combinations. The cost of these entries is 120 pesos each.

If you want to use the same gameplay method for multiple drawings, you will have to mark the number of draws you would like to play with the same technique and the same number (set of numbers). PCSO 4 Digit allows players to opt for advance play for up to six consecutive drawings.

How to Buy 4 Digit Tickets

To win a 4 Digit prize, you’ll have to participate in a drawing of interest and check the results to see if your 4 digit number has been selected. This information can be found at the retail venues you need to visit to acquire your ticket.

4D tickets can be acquired at all of the PCSO retail venues throughout the Philippines. You can get more information about the licensed retailers on the official PCSO website.

When you go to the venue, you have to choose your digit, the gameplay method, and the bet. Give the customer service rep this information and a ticket will be created on your behalf.

Can You Buy 4 Digit Tickets Online?

Currently, there is no opportunity for the acquisition of 4D tickets online.

The PCSO makes its games available solely via the network of authorized and licensed retailers. If you want to test your luck, you will have to go to one of the retail venues in your town.

International online lottery operators do not support games from the Philippines at the time being. These portals, however, are continually expanding the range of international lotteries being made available to the players. Check back with a favorite service provider every once in a while to find out whether 4 Digit and other games from the Philippines have been added.

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