How to Buy 6 Digit Tickets

The 6 Digit Lotto from the Philippines is the active gaming form of the Traditional Sweepstakes. A part of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) portfolio, this game is trendy and it has been in high demand through the years.

If you’ve never played 6 Digit before, you may be wondering about how it differs from other lotteries and whether acquiring tickets is complicated. Today, we’ll examine the most important and distinctive characteristics of the game to answer your questions.

PCSO 6 Digit: A Quick Overview

To play this lottery, you have to choose a 6 Digit number that comes in the form of 000000 to 999999. Numbers can be repeated in a few of the six columns. There’s no need to have a different digit for each of the positions. Hence, your 6 Digit number could look like this – 145279 – or like this – 113868.

PCSO’s 6 Digit comes with three drawings per week – on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Drawings are televised and broadcast live on PTV4 at 9 p.m., local time.

Once the 6 Digit Lotto result is announced, you can find out if you’ve won anything. There are multiple 6 Digit prize tiers. The top reward is for those who get the six-digit number correct (both the numbers and the order). The minimum guaranteed amount is 150,000 pesos. Keep in mind, however, that the award will roll over towards the next drawing in the absence of a winner. Hence, a pretty substantial amount can accumulate after a couple of drawings.

Apart from the top prize, there are four additional tiers. Those who match the first or the last five numbers of the six-digit number will win 40,000 pesos. Matching the first or the last four digits will result in an award of 4,000 pesos. There are also two smaller prize tiers of 400 and 40 pesos respectively.

Filling Out the 6 Digit Ticket

Before taking a look at the options for buying a 6 Digit ticket, let’s first examine how you have to fill out the information on the play slip to have a valid entry.

Each play slip has six columns. In each one of these columns, you’ll need to mark a number in the range from zero to nine. When you mark a number in all six of the columns, you will have your 6 Digit number for the respective game.

It’s also important to know that the 6 Digit price of the ticket is not fixed. While the minimum cost is set at 12 pesos, you can place a higher bet. The amount you want to bet on the particular six-digit combination will also need to be marked on the play slip. A larger bet than the minimum requirement will guarantee you a bigger payout in the event of winning.

There’s one more thing you will have to mark on the play slip, and that’s the number of drawings you want to enter. The standard choice is to play just one drawing. Alternatively, however, you can have the same set of numbers entered in anywhere between two and six consecutive upcoming draws.

If you don’t know how to fill out the play slip or what each of the fields means, talk to the customer service rep at the retail venue. They will guide you through the process and give you a better idea about the meaning of each entry.

How to Buy 6 Digit Tickets in the Philippines?

The 6 Digit Lotto tickets are readily available in all of the PCSO retail venues throughout the Philippines.

PCSO has a robust network of distributors that continues growing daily. There’s a well-established procedure, and commercial entities can easily apply to start selling PCSO tickets.

To make sure that you’ve come to the right place, you should see the distinctive PCSO branding elements. These include the PCSO logo, as well as the slogan “Lotto Play Here.” Some of the venues also have a sign that says they are an authorized lotto outlet.

More information about the addresses of authorized outlets is available on the official PCSO website.

When you locate a retail venue, you’ll just need to approach the customer service rep and tell them that you’d like to buy a 6 Digit ticket. Next, you’ll follow the procedure already outlined here to fill out your ticket and get your chance to win the top 6 Digit prize.

Can You Buy 6 Digit Tickets Online?

Buying lottery tickets online has become the norm for so many of the world’s most popular games. If you’re already used to this kind of convenience, you may be wondering whether PCSO offers such opportunities for its lotteries like 6 Digit.

At the time being, PCSO enables the acquisition of 6 Digit tickets solely through the authorized retail outlets.

There isn’t an official online platform or a mobile app you can use to get digital tickets.

Also, international online lottery agencies do not carry 6 Digit or other Philippine lotteries at the time being.

Online lottery agencies are digital service providers that enable players from different countries to get tickets for some of the biggest lotteries. The agency has its local representatives that are responsible for buying tickets on behalf of customers.

This means that people who are not in the Philippines cannot buy 6 Digit tickets right now. Still, we can hope that PCSO will eventually expand the scope of its activities to offer more innovative ticket buying options. It’s also a good idea to check out international lottery websites because they may start carrying PCSO games.

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