6 Digit Lotto

Introduced back in 1997, the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) 6 Digit Lotto was launched as a traditional kind of sweepstake. It was launched as an exclusive Luzon opportunity and the situation has changed somewhat today – the game is readily available to anyone in the Philippines.

6D is different from the other entries in the portfolio of PCSO 6 58 Lotto, 6 55 Lotto, 6 49 Lotto, 6 45 Lotto, and 6 42 Lotto. In the other entries, players have to choose the respective set of six numbers from the pool that’s annotated in the title. In the case of the 6 Digit, players make their entry in the form of a six-digit number from the range of 000000 to 999999.

As the name suggests, the game comes with a similar methodology as the 4 Digit. The biggest difference is the digits in the number that players have to create. In addition, 6D comes with less favorable odds, which is why the prizes are much higher to compensate players for the risk.

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6 Digit Lotto Rules

The PCSO 6D Game drawings take place three times per week – on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. The drawings are televised and broadcast live at 9 p.m. on NBN 4.

Players can make up their own six-digit number, or they can opt for a lucky pick. In the second case, a number will be generated randomly. Entry into the PCSO 6 Digit is going to look like this: 142785.

Each six-digit combination costs 10 pesos. Players have to match the six digits in the exact order for a chance to claim the top prize. If there isn’t a first prize winner for the respective drawing, the sum will roll over towards the one. As a result, the 6D Game can produce some pretty cool top prizes in the long run. The prize advertised for July 14, 2018, for example, is 3.697 million pesos.

Players who are aged 18 or older have the right to acquire tickets for all PCSO games, including the 6 Digit. At the time being, a ticket can be acquired at one of the authorized PCSO retail venues. Online ticket purchases aren’t available on the territory of the Philippines or abroad.

6 Digit Lotto Prizes

There is more than one 6 digit prize, and each of the tiers is pretty attractive. 6 Digit Lotto is a pari-mutuel game, and there are five individual prize tiers. Here’s the breakdown:

Prize Tier Numbers to Match Estimated Prize (₱)
1 6 in exact order At least 150,000
2 First 5 or last 5 in exact order 40,000
3 First 4 or last 4 in exact order 4,000
4 First 3 or last 3 in exact order 400
5 First 2 or last 2 in exact order 40

If there is more than one winner for the first prize, the sum will be divided equally among all those who have guessed the six numbers in the exact order. This rule applies solely to the top 6 Digit Lotto prize. The other amounts are handed out as advertised, regardless of the number of winners.

Lotto 6 Digits comes with pretty good odds of winning. The odds of getting the six numbers correct in the exact order are 1 in one million. In comparison to most numerical lotteries, these are pretty amazing odds. The odds of claiming the second prize tier are 1 in 100,000.

The odds of winning the lowest prize are 1 in 100.

There is no information about the biggest first prize claimed in the history of the PCSO 6 Digits Game. If you are interested in this opportunity, it may be a good idea to keep track of the drawings each week. If there are numerous drawings without a winner, chances are that the roll-overs will produce a pretty impressive jackpot that will exceed several million pesos.

According to the official PCSO website, the biggest jackpot claimed since 2008 (the archive doesn’t go to earlier years even though the 6 Digits Game has been around since 1997) is 10.147 million pesos. This sum fell on February 26, 2009. Over the years, the jackpot has exceeded six million pesos multiple times.

Regardless of the prize that has been won, players can rely on a few simple opportunities to claim the amount. Sums of up to 5,000 pesos can be chased out immediately at any PCSO authorized retail venue. Players will have to bring the lucky ticket and a valid form of ID.

Sums in the range from 5,001 to 20,000 pesos can be cashed out at PCSO representative branch offices in all parts of the Philippines. For a larger amount, a player will have to go to PCSO main office.

Keep in mind that before 2018, the Philippines did not have an income tax imposed on lottery prizes. In January of the year, however, the government decided to begin imposing an income tax. Players who win a prize out of the PCSO games will need to pay a 20 percent income tax.

Are you interested in getting access to the PCSO 6D results today? Do you need a 6D Lotto result archive? If so, you have come to the right place. This website features an extensive archive of Lotto 6 Digit results. All that you have to do is access the drop-down menu in the top part of the page and choose the drawing date. You will be provided with information about the six-digit number drawn then.

There is an extensive 6D Lotto results archive that you can rely on to find out which numbers are drawn most often. You will also find information about the relevant 6 Digit jackpot prize, the rules, and the conditions players have to adhere to.

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