How to Buy Swertres

Swertres is one of the primary entries in the portfolio of the Philippine Charity Sweepstake Office (PCSO). Playing Swertres is easy, which is why the game happens to be a favorite for people in the country.

If you’ve never played Swertres before, you may be wondering about the rules and the ways to get your tickets. The following Swertres guide will acquaint you with the essentials.

How to Play Swertres Lotto

Suertres is a portmanteau of the Spanish word “suerte” that means luck and tres – the number three. The game was originally launched in 2002, and it was only available in Mindanao and Visayas. The popularity of Swertres grew quickly, however, and PCSO faced popular demand to make the game nationally-available. In 2006, PCSO decided to extend the reach of Swertres to the Luzon area.

To play the game, you have to select a favorite three-digit number in the range from 000 to 999. Every single entry in the game costs 12 pesos, but there are multiple opportunities for increasing the odds of claiming a prize (for example, through the acquisition of a system entry).

You are not obliged to choose different numbers (for example – 149). Your Swertres Lotto entry could consist of two numbers that are the same (for example – 443), or you can have all three digits being the same (for example – 444).

Swertres Lotto features three drawings per day – at 11 a.m., 4 p.m. and 9 p.m. As the drawing is taking place, you can watch the results being broadcast live on national TV.

To win, you have to match the numbers and the order. If the drawn number is 361, but your three-digit number is 613, you are not going to win one of the Swertres prizes.

To buy a Swertres ticket, you have to be aged 18 or older. Foreign players who live in the Philippines can also test their luck.

How to Buy Swertres Tickets

Swertres Lotto tickets are available at authorized PCSO retail venues.

To get your ticket, you will need to visit a licensed venue and select your three-digit combination. If you don’t have lucky numbers that you’d like to test out, you can have a random numerical combination created for you by the software at the time of buying the ticket.

You will also have to determine whether you’d like to play only Swertres Lotto or you’d want to activate the Rambolito option.

To play Rambolito, you have to choose a three-digit number. The PCSO lottery system will generate a ticket for you that features all possible permutations for that number. This means you will get six different combinations if you choose three different digits. By activating Rambolito, you are increasing the odds of winning a prize.

If you are playing Swertres for the first time, you may want to opt for a single three-digit entry. Rambolito is more expensive because you will be playing all possible combinations featuring your number.

It’s also a good idea to set a budget when buying lottery tickets. Because there are multiple Swertres drawings per day, every single day, you can smoothly go overboard with buying tickets. Determine how much you’re going to spend per day, week or month on the acquisition of the lottery tickets. Once you determine the budget, stick to it!

Swertres Guide: Can You Buy Tickets Online?

The internet has affected many aspects of our lives, making shopping a whole lot easier. Many lotteries have started offering their fans online ticket buying options.

You may wonder whether it’s possible to buy Swertres tickets online.

At the time being, PCSO does not have an official online ticket buying option. To get your Swertres tickets, you will have to visit one of the shopping venues that are licensed and authorized by the PCSO.

Can International Players Buy Swertres Lotto Tickets?

People who are not Philippines nationals can play Swertres as long as they are in the territory of the country.

There are no restrictions and limitations making Swertres available solely to local players.

If you are an international player located in another country, however, there will be no chance to test out the Swertres Lotto.

Currently, no online lottery agents are offering Swertres as a part of their portfolio. You may want to check out with prominent online lotto agents now and then to determine whether lotteries from the Philippines have been added among the internationally-available opportunities.

Beware of Illegal Outlets!

In 2015, local media in the Philippines reported about Swertres scams in the country. While there haven’t been additional reports about such fraud schemes, you should be careful when buying tickets.

The authorities identified an illegal Swertres outlet in Cagayan de Oro City. PCSO received several reports about the operation and the officials eventually exposed the fraud scheme.

The illegal betting outlet was luring people to buy tickets by offering prizes higher than the official PCSO Swertres top prize. While the maximum prize in the official Swertres game is set at 4,500 pesos, the illegal betting venue was offering a top prize of 6,000 pesos.

Besides, illegal outlets accept bets for as little as one peso instead of the official Swertres prize set at 12 pesos.

When authorities carried out thorough investigations, they found out that illegal betting outlets claiming to offer Swertres tickets were operating in at least 20 cities throughout the Philippines.

To recognize a legitimate Swertres outlet, you should look around when you enter the venue. There will have to be at least two computers with cash register printers. In an illegal venue, there is a blacked out transaction window so that the person buying the ticket cannot see the face of the vendor. There will be no official receipt for the transaction. Also, the price will be much lower than the official one that’s presented clearly in the official PCSO website.

If you have concerns about the legitimacy of a retail venue, you can contact PCSO. When you call or email, you’ll be provided with a list of the legitimate venues that sell actual Swertres tickets.

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