Swertres Lotto

Some of the most fun games in the world of lottery didn`t get their start in the best of circumstances. Swertres Lotto was born in June 2002. The reason for its appearance, however, wasn`t the most exciting one. The Philippine Charity Sweepstake Office (PCSO) was attempting to deal with a wide range of fraud schemes and illegal operations in the Visayas-Mindanao regions. As a result, a new lottery was launched to combat such activities. The new lottery was a complete success right off the bat.

Originally, Swertres Lotto was available solely in the Visayas-Mindanao regions. It became so popular with time, however, that PCSO made the executive decision in 2006 to expand the lotto to Luzon.

Swertres is just one of the prominent entries in the PCSO portfolio. The Philippine Charity Sweepstake Office was set up back in 1934 and today; its portfolio is comprised of various games like 6 58 Lotto, 6 55 Lotto, 6 49 Lotto, 6 45 Lotto, 6 42 Lotto, 4 Digit and EZ2 Lotto.

Swertres Lotto Rules

To play, you have to choose three digits in the range from zero to nine. Every Swertres Lotto entry costs 10 pesos, but players can also opt for a system that`s more expensive. Swertres Lotto drawings take place on a daily basis. There are three drawings per day – at 11 a.m., 4 p.m. and 9 p.m. The Swertres Lotto results are broadcast live on TV as the drawing takes place. If you have missed the Swertres Lotto results today, however, you have no reason to worry. More information about how to check the digits is available in the coming section of the guide.

Keep in mind that it is possible to choose all three numbers to look the same. In that instance, your ticket will look in the following way: 7-7-7.

To win prizes, players have to match both the winning digits for the respective drawing and the order in which they have been drawn. Otherwise, the game would become way too easy, and the odds of winning will go up exponentially.

To get their Swertres Lotto Lotto tickets, players have to be aged 18 or older as per local regulations.

Swertres Lotto tickets can be acquired at the authorized PCSO retail venues. Players can opt for a single entry, or they may choose the advanced play option. Advanced play makes it possible to get tickets for up to six consecutive coming drawings in advance.

At the time being, the Philippine Charity Sweepstake Office does not have an online ticket buying option. If you are a foreigner living in the Philippines, you can try out Swertres Lotto by getting a ticket at a local retail venue. International players residing in another country, however, cannot explore this lottery and its favorable odds of claiming a prize. Apart from not having an official online ticket buying option, this PCSO game is also not being offered by international online lottery agencies.

Swertres Lotto Prizes

Because of the favorable odds of winning, Swertres Lotto does not have the biggest jackpot on the face of the planet. Usually, the games that are most challenging to win are the ones that feature higher jackpots to offset the odds. Still, Swertres is a nice little daily game that can still produce cool prizes.

Currently, PCSO Swertres Lotto has three prize tiers:

Prize Tier Numbers to Match Estimated Prize (₱)
Jackpot 3 in the exact order 4,500
2 Rambolito 3 1,500
3 Rambolito 6 750

PCSO Swertres Lotto Lotto is a fixed prize game. This means that the amount of lottery prize in each tier is fixed, regardless of the number of people who have won in the respective drawing.

Rambolito is a mode of playing Swertres Lotto that is somewhat different from the standard gameplay. In Rambolito 6, you have to choose three numbers that are different from each other. In that instance, the opportunity will be triggered immediately. For a chance to win the Rambolito 3 prize, you have to choose a combination that consists of two identical numbers and an additional one like 4-4-9.

Rambolito automatically explores all of the possible numerical combinations. In Rambolito 6, you have six combinations to play with. If any of them matches the three winning numbers for the respective drawing in the exact order, you will win the Rambolito 6 prize. In the case of Rambolito 3, you have only three combinations, which is why the Rambolito 3 prize tier is higher.

Claiming the prize you have won is easy. As per PCSO regulations, prizes in the range of up to 5,000 pesos can be cashed out ay any authorized retail venues. This means that most players who play Swertres Lotto can return to the place they got the ticket to claim the prize. If you have several winning tickets for the same drawing, however, you will need to follow a different procedure.

Prizes ranging from 5,001 to 20,000 pesos can be acquired at the PCSO branch offices throughout the Philippines. For a larger sum (which isn`t very likely in the case of Swertres Lotto), you will have to go to the PCSO head office.

As of January 2018, PCSO lottery players have to pay an income tax of 20 percent on any amount they have won.

Swertres results can be checked out here on Rush Results, live on TV or via the official PCSO website. If you want to see the Suertres lotto result today, you`ve come to the right place. Phil Lotto features guides and detailed results archives you can count on. Just go to the top of the page and use the drop-down menu to identify the date and the drawing that you`re interested in. Once you submit the entry, the information will be provided.

Please do not hesitate to explore the latest Swertres results, as well as the archive. Older information can be particularly beneficial for the analysis of the most prominent numbers that can potentially increase your odds of claiming a prize.