6 49 Lotto

6 49 Lotto had its first drawing on July 16, 2000. Initially, drawings took place once per week. Since this Philippine Charity Sweepstake Office (PCSO) game enjoyed tremendous popularity right from the start, the number of drawings per week increased to three.

An additional change was also made due to the high demand. Originally, 6 49 Lotto came with a minimum guaranteed jackpot of eight million pesos. As the number of drawings increased, so did the minimum jackpot. It is now set at 16 million pesos.

PCSO is the principal government agency responsible for organizing lottery games and distributing the prizes in the Philippines. Some of the proceeds collected through ticket sales go to support beneficial clauses. Other than6 49 Lotto, PCSO has some other prominent entries in its portfolio. These include 6 58 Lotto, 6 55 Lotto, 6 45 Lotto, and 6 42 Lotto, as well as Swertres Lotto and EZ2 Lotto.

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6 49 Lotto Rules

For a chance to claim the jackpot for the respective weekly drawing, you will have to choose six numbers from a pool of 49 and match them to the ones selected during the official drawing. A single 6 49 Lotto entry is going to cost you 20 pesos.

The 6 49 Lotto drawings take place every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. Drawings are televised and broadcast live on national television. You can watch the numbers being selected starting at 9 p.m. local time on PTV4.

Apart from the standard entry, players can also opt for system play. A system of seven costs 140 pesos and a system of 12 (that can produce 924 distinctive combinations of six-digit numbers) is the most expensive entry set at 18,480 pesos. While this system entry is quite expensive in comparison to the regular gameplay, it increases the odds of winning and it can also produce multiple prizes for the player.

6 49 Lotto can be acquired at any licensed PCSO retail venue, just like the tickets for the other Philippine lotteries. At the time being, there is no possibility of buying 6 49 Lotto tickets online.

6 49 Lotto Prizes

6 49 Lotto jackpots start at 16 million pesos. If there’s no winner for the respective drawing, the jackpot will roll over towards the next one. Because of this specific, 6 49 Lotto has been known to produce some excellent jackpots through the years.

Apart from the top prize, there are three additional tiers. The average prize per each one is as follows:

Prize Tier Numbers to Match Estimated Prize (₱)
Jackpot 6 Jackpot
2 5 Up to 70,000
3 4 Up to 2,000
4 3 20

You’ve noticed that the amount for each prize tier is announced as “up to.” The reason why is that 6 49 Lotto is a pari-mutuel game. The prize in the different tiers will depend on the number of tickets bought for the respective drawing and the number of winners. There’s a fixed amount that’s divided equally among all of the winners for the respective drawing.

The same rule applies to the jackpot – if there’s more than one winner, the sum is going to be split. The odds of winning the jackpot are the standard ones for a 6 49 game – one in 13,983,816.

Probably the biggest jackpot in the history of the game fell on February 22, 2009. By then, the sum had reached 347 million pesos. Two lucky ticket buyers split the massive amount among themselves. The winning SuperLotto 6/49 numbers were 6, 34, 20, 26, 12, and 33.

A single person won a prize worth 234 million pesos in September 2017.

A rather big jackpot in comparison to previous ones has already fallen in 2018. At the end of March, a single player matched all of the winning numbers, claiming the sum of 104.2 million pesos. The winning numbers for the drawing were 44, 24, 37, 27, 48, and 9.

This isn’t the only big jackpot that has fallen since the beginning of 2018. At the end of January, two lucky winners split the sum of 78.2 million pesos.

According to PCSO statistics, over the first nine months of 2017, 6 49 Lotto handed out prizes worth a total of 495 million pesos. The sum belongs to a total of 2.2 billion dollars for all of the PCSO games.

People who have won 6 49 Lotto prizes can make their claim in some simple ways. Prizes of up to 5,000 pesos can be requested at every licensed PCSO retail venue. Sums in the range from 5,001 to 20,000 pesos may be requested at the PCSO branch offices throughout the Philippines. Larger amounts are to be requested in person at the head PCSO office in Mandaluyong City.

If you have not played the lottery in a while, you’ll need to become aware of a very important fact. In 2018, the Philippines decided to introduce a change to the country’s income taxation policy. Before that, lottery prizes were not subjected to taxes. As of January 2018, a standard 20 percent income tax will apply to all lottery winning.

6 49 Lotto is a traditional numerical game but the three drawings per week and the excellent prizes make it a popular choice in the Philippines. You should give this game a try and test your luck. The results can be checked during the official televised drawing and at the PCSO website. If you miss the drawing, you can get the 6 49 Lotto results here. We’re committed to making the latest results available as soon as a drawing takes place. Phi-Lotto.com also has an extensive results archive that you can use for reference, research or calculating the odds of a certain number appearing among the winning ones.

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